AI Hands poster

Graphic design is not just a means to a profession, but as I continue to delve into the possibilities, I am compelled to make art. I kicked off “Our Ideas Matter” – a project where I combine community facilitation and graphic design to create posters around social issues relevant to the people I come in contact with. As I become more deeply involved in social issues I feel a two-prong approach is necessary. Not only must we uncover the critical components and facts that have contributed to the issues we face, but I believe by drawing on Design-Thinking strategies and an Appreciative Inquiry methodology we have the opportunity to uncover our hidden strengths and identify solutions we can propel forward. In this piece, I collaborated with my fourteen-year old son. Together we identified ten social issues our country faces (everything from racial inequality to animal rights). Without talking to me, he did a free form word list of what came to mind about each of the issues. (Blue hand). I worked on a separate sheet and for each issue tried to identify one strategy that I know has been implemented successfully in various communities (the multi-color hand).  By placing the hands in proximity to each other, we are reminded that we have the capacity to invent our own non-agenda-based solutions.  For my son, the creation of this art is the means by which he, and young people like him, can begin to understand and re-imagine the world in which they live.

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