The evolution of collecting ideas is ongoing. What I realize I am looking for is the ability to engage with audiences and through art be able to dialogue around shared values. Knowing who we are are and what we have in common is so important. I can imagine taking scrawled lists, mind maps, drawings on cocktail napkins and using these as the impetus for my art.

But, as my thoughts progress I realize several things. In choosing to present work built on the authenticity of ideas, I do not get to pick and choose the ideas I like. There will be ideas I agree with, ideas I am drawn to, ideas that repel and repulse. Art is not neutral, nor can the artist serve to be, but by adhering to a neutral process, there is a greater chance of elevating dialogue from “that looks nice” to “how do we make that happen”?

Here lies the action verbs…

In addition to being an artist, I have been a corporate facilitator and have always believed that seeing diverse viewpoints (even those I personally disagree with) most always leads to a stronger product, culture, outcome. So as I kick off the next stage in my idea exploration, I invite you to start your sentence with an action verb.

What action do you choose to take to bring an idea to reality that in some way betters the world?

*My action verb – Transform

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