Designer. Teacher. Researcher. Digital Explorer. 

As an Associate Professor of Art in the Creative Arts in Learning program at Lesley University for ten years, a nonprofit arts administrator,  business designer, creative director and independent arts consultant, I have deep expertise in subject matter, global trends and  creative  approaches to utilizing visual and multimedia art forms to educate, inspire and illuminate. An adventurer, I seek new ways to experiment, explore and innovate.


Highly skilled visual artist and designer, conceptual thinker, data-driven analyst with exceptional team building and collaborative results-oriented achievements.


Expertise teaching Graduate and Undergraduate studio art, education and arts administration-based courses, K-12 school and community programs.


Awarded a Ford Foundation research grant in the arts, I approach my creative work through the lens of learning how to ask the right questions, uncover the evidence that matters and define the most effective means to convey the messages and meanings.

Digital Explorer.

My skills are constantly evolving. Through my creative work I am constantly seeking to refine and invent new ways to communicate through media. In my personal work, inspired by the protest posters of the 1970’s, I am exploring social issues and the power of graphic design to illuminate and spur dialogue.


My arts experiences have transferred into non-art contexts such as healthcare where collaboration with subject matter experts have forged effective partnerships. Working across multiple industries has sharpened my ability to investigate new issues, to apply lessons learned from other fields and to advance new methods in communicating issues that matter. 

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